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Year 6

Year 6

Our Curriculum

Please find our long term plan here.

You can find more information about our curriculum by clicking on each topic below to open our knowledge organisers. .


Animals including humans

Living things and their habitats


Evolution and inheritance



John Douglas – local study of architect

Mayan masks

Henry Moore


Big data 1

Big date 2

Bletchley park

History of computers


Online Safety

Design Technology

Mayan Chocolate

Shadow Puppets

Geography & History

Were the Maya magnificent?

Why war?



Classroom Jazz 2

A New Year Carol

You've Got a Friend in Me

Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education

It's Our World

Money Matters

Who Likes Chocolate?

People Around Us

Puberty, Relationships and Reproduction

Physical Education

Religious Education

What can we learn from Christian religious buildings and music?

How and why do Christians worship?

How do Sikhs worship?

What does it mean to live in a religiously diverse world?

What are some of the differences between Christianity locally and globally?

What is the Kingdom of God and what do Christians believe about the afterlife?

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